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WARNING for Parents of Shemford Bhubaneswar, Bhubaneswar

This is to intimate that due to tenacious breaches and consecutive defaults on the part of our erstwhile franchisee branch - Shemford Bhubaneswar, Plot No. 15, Sector - A, Zone - B,Mancheswar Industrial Estate,Bhubaneswar - 751010, the SHEMFORD - Head Office has been compelled to terminate the Franchise Agreement with its erstwhile branch.

We hope that the said erstwhile Branch has intimated you (all concerned) of this development; however, if you have not been so informed, it is important for you to know the following:

1. The said Branch is no longer legally authorized to use our trademark SHEMFORD, Logo or any of the SHEMFORD curriculum, activities, programmes, books, bags, diaries, uniforms, school interiors or any other intellectual properties of SHEMFORD.
Any usage of Trademarks - SHEMFORD and Green Gold Animation (Chhota Bheem and friends) or any other intellectual property of ours, including our curriculum, shall amount to an infringement of our intellectual property rights and is punishable under the law.

2. We will no longer provide to the said erstwhile Branch - any SHEMFORD Curriculum and activities and hence we cannot ensure if the Branch is providing the same quality of services, education, curriculum, and other activities, which you expect our brand SHEMFORD.

3. Any certificates issued after the termination of the said erstwhile branch, are not endorsed by us and are not valid for transfer to any other SHEMROCK or SHEMFORD Branch of ours.

4. SHEMFORD Group of Schools will not be responsible for any payments or dispute between the parents and Shemford Bhubaneswar, due to any irregularity, payments or deficiency in the quality of education, as we no longer hold any control over their actions, having terminated the Franchise Agreement.

LASTLY, WE WOULD ADVISE ALL PARENTS NOT TO MAKE ANY FURTHER PAYMENTS TO Shemford Bhubaneswar, UNDER ANY MISTAKEN BELIEF THAT THE SCHOOL IS PART OF THE SHEMFORD GROUP OF SCHOOLS. In case you would like to report any discrepancy with respect to the above matter please share on legal@shemford.com .